When it comes to online shopping, consumers are beginning to use online video as a primary form of research. Not only are they looking at online video advertising, shoppers are also viewing video to gain a deeper knowledge of a product before they buy.  According to a study conducted by Google and Compete, 40% of shoppers say they visited an online store because of a product video. While customer generated testimonial and review videos remain the most commonly watched media by shoppers, marketing videos embedded in emails are a close second. 29% of shoppers are giving time and consideration to these videos.

Even though online video is still in its infancy, marketers are starting to take notice of the effects it can have for business. Allocating huge portions of their budgets away from TV to online and mobile platforms, many companies are beginning to take advantage of the unique personalized experience that online video offers.

Online video is becoming an essential part of any online content marketing strategy. Video is useful to merchandisers because it allows online customers to interact with products just like they would be able to in a store. Online video isn’t just for retailers, however.  It can work for any business, particularly if you are looking to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your site.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that more people are consuming online video than on television. This trend underscores the importance of using video as an ideal way to kick-start your online content marketing strategy. With the right equipment, creating video can be a relatively easy process, and your audience will love it. Video is a simple way for people to consume a piece of information, and it doesn’t require the same commitment that it might to read a blog about the same topic. This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep writing, but you should take care to provide different methods for people to consume the same type of information.

Videos are unique not only because of their inherently viral nature, but because of the ease with which they can be consumed. Not only are they great resources for your customers, they are a great way for your brand to become sharable.
Though this is still a new trend, adapting the technology now will help you reap great rewards in the future.

Originally Posted by Jacey Gulden on Wed, Aug 29, 2012 @ 01:20 PM

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