28 Jul 2015
July 28, 2015


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Scam Alert! If you have received an email regarding a job posting – disregard.

There is someone impersonating me and my company, saying they are Edward Burns. They are posting jobs in the production industry (Associate Producer) saying it’s a trial period.  They want you to receive and deposit a fake check in exchange for $250.  Then want you to mail $2,700 to Cambodia.  DISREGARD THIS EMAIL. THANKS EDDIE

4 Responses to SCAM ALERT!
  1. Hi, my name is Tom Cosgrove. After applying for a position online, I believe I’ve been getting scam emails as you describe. The most recent message, (today), is below. I just wanted to let you know this was happening. I’m glad I checked on your website and saw the blog. It’s disappointing someone would do that to you. I hope they get caught! This is the email they’re using. Thank you, Tom


    Hello There,

    I am Edward Burns, I am a Director at iProduce Media which is a full-service film/video production company specializing in script to screen solutions for online videos, television commercials, corporate programs, documentaries, music videos and new media. As a Director, I bring an array of experience to the table in all industry aspects: producing, directing, writing, editing, cinematography, and lighting. I have been successful in creative design and planning roles, such as creative director, art director, casting director, and production manager.

    I have received your application in response to the AD posted and I really feel I need some assistance at this time that’s why I need someone who can work with me hand in hand throughout the production period. We are presently working on a short film which am directing. Though work hasn’t commenced and we should start working on the film in next 25 days.Your duties basically would be ;

    Works closely with me throughout the production process. * Liaising between myself and the post production team. * Writing coverage on scripts, drafting letters, making phone calls, running an office, interviewing personnel, coordinating the fund raising process, assisting with duties on and off set. * Taking care of Financial activities.

    Your present location doesn’t affect the Status of the job because i seek someone who can perform his or her duties with little supervision. I am being thorough and explanatory here because i have hired people in the past who did not live up to what i expected and this time, i do not want to make the same mistake. I have decided to offer you a probationary offer (trial period). Here i want to see how you would demonstrate your skills and how exceptional you are and how efficient and on time you will be. I will need you to perform a couple of tasks for me during this week, which are part of basic duties you will be performing when fully employed by me. Successful completion of the trial period qualifies you for an interview and Temporary weekly wage for the trial period will be Five Hundred Dollars/weekly.

    If the afore mentioned terms will work with you, I will have my financial adviser have payment for these purchases and tasks, mailed to you. The trial period runs for a week or two. If you want to sign up for this, Kindly provide the details below …

    Your Full name
    Mailing Address
    Mobile Phone Number :
    Two Work or Personal References.

    Edward Burns.

  2. ^Same here. I received the same email and just would like to know it the same. I applied for a job via a job board site and decided to check out your website myself and found your blog.

    What was unsettling for me was the fact that there isn’t a signature of any kind at the end of the email (links, websites etc.)

    Viola Malone

  3. Hello Eddie,

    Thank you very much for your post. I actually got that job offer email. You saved me from getting into that big scam. I wish it was a real job with you guys.

    Best of luck to you and your team.

    Warmest Regards,

    Nadzeya Huselnikava


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